When something needs to be solved

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When something needs  Many times, rigid thinking is not a disease but a personality trait. In clinical psychology and psychiatry, it can be a symptom of an illness. To treat such cases, the patient nes to be examin and referr to a specialist. , clinical psychologist, graduate student of Sechenov University, staff of the first psychiatric clinical hospital nam after, the child feels uncertain and it is difficult to think of other ways to solve the problem. I’ve attack patients, theirs.

Mental rigidity in my work I make

Use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to teach patients to see problems from a different perspective. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, Socratic dialogue is us to critically explore the meaning and impact of rigid thinking. Su A method where a psychologist Uganda Mobile Database asks questions to the client: the client answers bas on his own knowlge; draws the client’s attention to information that has not previously caught his attention  ;  from specific to general so that the final client can re-evaluate his past conclusion or construct a new one.

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Thinking rigid will produce intelligence

Negative affect, which increases with OCD and schizophreniab WS Database IN and makes the personality more authoritarian, especially in stressful situations. At the same time, even daily mental rigidity can have a negative impact on development: it limits freom of thought and action. : Family rigidity can be check in a number of ways, for example, if you: Always follow the establish rules; unwilling or unable to admit your mistakes; too stubborn; willing to take risks; often obsess with ideas.

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