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Which will ultimately The entire budget of customers in information security is given to Russian manufacturers. Russia’s information security industry is very mature and sophisticated in certain categories of solutions, competitive in the global market. It would be logical to incorporate more developers and more niche or small players. This will create a new level of competition, development of the industry and provide new opportunities for the Russian market. So, two or three years from now, we’ll be able to move completely to domestic solutions, and we will.

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Raise to world level. Today, we take into account Mexico Mobile Database that not all foreign solutions to have completely ceased to function in the country, even if their developers have scaled back their operations. We will continue to provide technical support and maintenance services for such software while considering its replacement. The progress is smooth, and some customers have begun to switch to domestic software. We use the experience and expertise gained from using imported solutions to help developers develop their products. When the supplier leaves, should the customer.

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Legal equipment? I won’t say much about the legality WS Database IN and illegality of this method. Things are completely different here. Under the pressure of sanctions, the main task of our business is to ensure the continuity of our business and the security of data by all possible means. Suspension of activities of major companies will have a negative impact on the country’s economy. This is also understandable at the state level. If parallel importing is by far the most convenient or only possible option for maintaining the business of a single market participant, then you need to use of course.

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