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Who come here  Follow your impulse. An important component of coherence is a person’s sufficiency in feeling and expressing emotions in social situations, obeying cultural norms, laws, moral principles and other people’s personal boundaries, explains. It can be said that consistency means not only one’s authenticity and freedom of expression, but also harmony with one’s environment, social environment or communication partners. This implies another feature of semantic shaders using protocol concepts. Consistency Example The barista loves his job.

He likes the smell of fresh coffee

An the look of joy on the faces of satisfied guests. Therefore, when customers walk into the cafe, he greets them with a friendly greeting and a smile. People  each other UAE Mobile Database with sincerity. students bring. Father looked at the diary and sighed, to be honest he was not happy. Example of inconsistency when answering Chief’s question How are you? The man answered well, even though his lips were drawn down and his eyes were averted. Conscious inconsistency in this case means that the respondent thinks it is wrong to use words to describe his current state.

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To this point but he did not complete the task of reinforcing words with the correct nonverbal signs. The man involved in the discussion blushed, yelled, and WS Database IN wagged his fingers. When asked not to be so angry, he replied in confusion that he wasn’t angry at all. Perhaps there is an unconscious incongruity here: a person cannot notice the anger behind him and thinks he is making a point vividly, but his gestures and tone are perceived as offensive and denials will be dismissed. Think inconsistent. Manipulative skill flattery.

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