Less likely Dr Susan Mitchell, team member at Alzheimer’s Research UK, commented on the scientific work: “It provides further evidence that a healthy lifestyle helps support memory and Thinking skills. Few of us know that there are steps we can all take to reduce our chances of developing dementia later in life. ) is an ideology and way of life whose Followers seek to do their best.

Reduce participation in the traditional economy 

Limit resource consumption. Refuse to buy material Nigeria Mobile Database products technology, clothes, even food. They find everything they need in dumpsters, landfills or in the backyards of shops and cafes. Contrary to appearances of stereotyping   Saudn their view, reusing discarded things, or eating decommissioned but still usable products, is a way to rationally use resources and not participate in excessive consumption. According to United Nations statistics.

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Each year about 100 million tons of

Edible food is discarded and accounts for one-third of WS Database IN all food production. Developed countries overproduce and, as a result, many products end up in landfills. It’s cheaper for shopkeepers to throw out a whole box of spoiled vegetables or fruit than to hire someone to sort them. Also, at the end of the day, many bakeries and cafes throw away pastries and ready meals that they don’t have time to sell. Against the consumer society that plunders the earth’s resources and corporations that only care about profit. They don’t want to be part of the system he.

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