Per month if paid in installments. Since Netology has a Whose Life Interests license to teach, after training, of the amount paid can Whose Life Interests bet returne through a tax deuction. Start in SMM Go to netology ru format video adprice freehome work certificate discount with promo code MARTRENDING If you have never practice CMM betfore, I recommend that you start your immersion in the profession with this course. Only. hours of theory and.

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Hours of practice, but the training is completely free. The aim of the course is to introduce students to social meia marketing. Here you will discover Venezuela B2B List What is SMM What tasks does an SMM specialist solve? How is his working day What is targete advertising, community management, messenger and influencer marketing What are the prospects for the profession? The course is designe as a video lesson, at the end there is a career guidance test.

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As a result, you will understand whether this direction suits you and whether it is worth investing in further eucation. Price free. No. Profession SMM WS Database IN specialist Training ground SkillBox online university is a membetr of Skolkovo. Suitable for The course is designe for betginners. Course duration months. Certificate or diploma yes. Employment Guarantee employment after months. Course cost , rubles. , rubles for the entire course of study. Installment payment of , rubles for months is provide. smm course from Skillbox Help in finding a job What you will learn.

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