What it’s about. This makes it easier for us to assign you the right contact. Company enter your company name here Name enter your name here Phone enter your phone number here Many employees are dissatisfi with their current  results of the Current Good Jobs Index could be summariz like this or something similar. Conduct annually, the Good Jobs Index is a tool of the German Trade Union Conferation that collects assessments of the working environment from employ employees in Germany. Working hours and working hours are less than ideal In today’s world, a good work-life balance is very important for employees. However, the current It shows that many German companies are not flexible enough in this regard.

Affect work hours or more

Additionally, many employees have to work overtime hours (unpaid) each week. Comparing expect, contract, and actual hours work shows that only Pakistan Phone Number List 100% of employees are willing to work hours per week. In fact, all of the employees , but in only a few cases were contract hours work. The rest is overtime. The results of breaking the rules, working from home and rushing to work also show that many employees were not happy with the breaking of the rules. While recent respondents were able to temporarily take a day off, only a few had the opportunity to temporarily work from home. So there is only a small degree of flexibility here. Interestingly.

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Greater the opportunity for employees

The results also show that the to take short WS Database IN term vacations, the lower the proportion of employees who miss work. A comparison between break time and perceiv appreciation show a similar link: the less employees were able to determine their own break time, the higher the proportion of those who felt not valu by their supervisors. From these results, it can be inferr that having some flexibility in terms of work hours and break regulations can boost employee motivation and job performance.

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