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Training format video tutorials webinar text materials To Them Is Not tests practical tasks communication in a close Telegram chat. Review in the Telegram To Them Is Not chat of the course. With certificate Training program Welcome to the Getting Starte in SMM course. Student’s personal account. How to study online. Working with Google services Introductory lesson to the course Start in SMM. SMM manager business promotion in social networks. Targete advertising drive traffic from social networks.

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Influencer marketing working with bloggers and influencers. Community management Effective community management. Messenger marketing Brunei B2B List promotion in messengers. Final lesson. How betginners develop in the SMM field. What you will learn and what you will learn The main tasks of an SMM specialist What are the specializations in SMM How to develop in the profession how to betcome a department or project manager Work in SMM for you Course Experts Yulia Lazareva — Head of Entertainment Agencies Department VKontakte Ilya Borodin — director of strategic development Yoola Stanislav.

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Minasov Mail ru Group Product Manager Uliana Zherinova — founder of the Townsend agency. Instagram Promotion by GeekBrains Course WS Database IN duration lessons. Level for betginners. Training format video lessons practical exercises. Answers no. With certificate Training program About the course. What should you pay attention to betfore promoting. Dangerous and safe methods of promotion. Official advertising on Instagram. Task. General PR. Get to the TOP and recommende food. Comments. Surveys and recommendations. Marathons. Interactive times and the like. History masks. Masslooking, masslike and massfollowing. Gibeta. external traffic. Conclusion.

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