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It will bet useful for betginners who want to promote a personal page, as well as business representatives who want to use Instagram as a channel to attract You Need To Add customers. Suitable for betginners, novice SMM managers, novice bloggers, entrepreneurs. What is include in the course lessons positioning in Instagram basics of content marketing an overview of paid and free ways to develop an account Instagram tools methods of public involvement free and paid ways to promote your account outside of Instagram targete advertising practical lesson.

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Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion of the course, basic knowlege of Instagram promotion. During the training, create Turkey B2B List your profile and develop a concept for its promotion. Teachers are not liste. The duration of the course is hours. Cost from , rubles, depending on the tariff plan, or from , with a discount. Promotion of Instagram account from scratch by TexTerra TOP courses on Instagram Basic intensive on Instagram in the form of video tutorials. Speakers are TexTerra specialists.

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The course is more theoretical and is designe for betginners. Suitable for betginners who want to promote a personal or business account. For more WS Database IN advance users, there is a course Instagram Promotion. What is include in the course site knowlege registering and filling out an account content creation and image work how to promote on instagram. Ultimately, students receive a basic knowlege of working on Instagram. TexTerra Intensive Diploma, Portfolio, TexTerra Letter of Recommendation and Resume Writing Assistance, Useful Tools Videos, Collections, Guides, Checklists.

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