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For example a product page. In addition to increasing the stickiness and quality of your product pages, they can also help you stand out online by adding video thumbnails. Doubled the number of product descriptions produced in one year. Learn more about getting your video results to appear in . When crawling your page it looks for signals that. A page with a title and embed code doesn’t send the message that the page is full of great, relevant content. In fact Google can’t decipher you at all.

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The same great images and text surround your already Germany Mobile Database great  to send better algorithmic signals. This also gives you another opportunity to target the keywords you are after. Giving your visitors a resource to get more information about the title they just linked to gives them even more reasons to link to your video. Describe  what the video is about. Consider linking to other related videos to maximize the reach of users who want more content. Make your page current.

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A rich linkable resource for continued reference in WS Database IN the future. Where to Stick Many people choose to host their videos on YouTube due to its sheer ubiquity, incredible multiplier effect, and Google’s unabashed favor for its own video channel. If you’ve chosen this route I recommend checking out our guide on how to make sure you’re still getting valuable link performance from your videos. Some paid services can host your video on their servers while to Google the video looks like it’s on yours.

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