The resource divides subscribers into categories and calculates the cost of analyzing the remaining subscribers. After payment, Insta Hero will check them and offer you to choose a method to remove bots. When you choose automatic verification, the service will serve as the basis for the cancellation itself, and you will nee to set up the number of accounts that will be delete each day. If you choose the manual option, you will list the categories and remove the bots yourself.

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Insta plus Instaplus is an online service for complex tasks with an Instagram account, where, among other things, you can unsubscribe from bots. Important The service does not recommend deleting more than accounts per day. First, a list of cancele accounts UAE Email List is create. Then the task is set to block accounts according to the list Subscription costs up to rubles per month per account. You can try it for free for five days. To remove bots, you must first collect a list of them.

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That is, it will not work to find and remove turnkey subscribers in Instaplus. This is a significant drawback. Getpapabot This Telegram bot collects WS Database IN and uploads comprehensive subscriber statistics. but opens only after payment. The report includes a lot of data a complete list with IDs and names, the number of incoming and outgoing subscriptions, profile types, and much more. This is just a small part of the full report. The cost of the check is rubles.

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