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Can a non technical beginner become a good. QA specialist. Their Names Displayed entry threshold for testing is quite low. You don’t nee technical Their Names Are Displayed exper. Sience to become a tester. The main thing is that a person is intereste in the IT field and wants to develop in this direction. Igor Katsev, Head of the Veeam Software. Quality Assurance Department, said this in an interview with the hh ru portal. The site Software Testing ru polle testers from Russia and the CIS about their eucation.

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It turne out that several people enter the profession and achieve caree. Dr heights in it technicians, humanists, economists, lawyers, people with Guatemala B2B List two diplomas and people without any academic degrees. Mobile Application Testing Skill Box RUB , Well from rub. month Start September , Duration months, hours per week Format lessons are recorde, teachers control dz, there is a chat for cadets Features the most famous school. Access to course records is permanent Course on skillbox ru How in demand is the job of a tester.

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Testers are neee in all more or less serious IT projects. Large. S companies prefer to hire them on the staff, small ones work with freelancers. Htow much QA WS Database IN specialists are in demand is shown data from job search si. Dtes as of December , there were over , softwar. De tester positions on HeadHunter over , on Trud co. Em in fact about , and this is only in Russia. Employers don’t like manuals that don’t understand the code, even if they write great tests. But even machines that do not know the basics of testing are of no interest to anyone.

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